Electronic Signatures - Secured Signing

Signature validity is unknown

Error Details

Signature Validatory error

Signature validity is unknown:

Document has not been modified since this signature was applied

Signer's identity is unknown because it has not been included in your list of trusted certificates and none of its parent certificates are trusted certificates

Signing time is from the clock on the signer's computer.


This error is notification from Adobe Reader that they are not recognising the Secured Signing root certificate.

To get rid of this message, install the secured signing root certificate.

Download it from https://www.securedsigning.com.

Instructions on how to verify and install are https://www.securedsigning.com/products/signature-verification-service; scroll down the page to "How to verify signatures Offline?"

The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request

Error Details

Secured Signing Verify Error Message

Failed to execute Secured Signing Electronic Signature verify.

Failed to execute Secured Signing 'Verify' request (Test).

Failed to execute Secured Signing 'AccountInfo' request (Test).

Failed to get OAuth Access token from Secured Signing (Test).

The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.


This error occurs when the API key has been used in another database.

Log into https://www.securedsigning.com and, under My Settings, Api Settings, add an additional API Key for the each database.

Update Global Settings with the API Key and Secret created for the Database, then, under Authentication Details, Initialise/ Reinitialise the service.