Portals are designed within finPOWER Connect and, using Web Services, accessed either internally (within finPOWER Connect) or, more importantly, externally via a web browser.

They can also be installed to the user's desktop as a Progressive Web Application (PWA).

Our online Client Connect Example Portal demonstrates how the Portals module can be used to create a way for clients to access information about their accounts.

Sign in with the following credentials:
Client Id: C10000
Password: Password1

This sample can be accessed via a web browser or installed to your phone, computer or other device as a Progressive Web Application (PWA).

Examples of what Portals may be used for are:

  • Client Portal
    • E.g., Clients can access the Portal via a Web Browser and view a list of their Accounts.
    • The Client Connect Web Sample Portal is an example of this type of Portal.
  • Dealer/ Broker/ Agent Portal
    • External Party Users can sign in, add Account Applications and view their Tasks.
    • NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you consider finPOWER Connect Cloud before embarking on creating a Portal that targets finPOWER Connect Users.
  • Public Loan Application Portal
    • Typically, a Loan Application form can be implemented as an HTML Widget.
    • However, using a Portal to provide this functionality may be advantageous in certain situations.


For more information you may download the following documents.