finPOWER Connect Web Services

Web Services allow external applications to connect securely and perform actions against a finPOWER Connect database, e.g., getting an Available Credit value for an Account. These actions generally take the form of URL requests, e.g., /Accounts/GetAvailableCredit?accountId=L10000 which returns JSON or XML containing the available credit details.

Security is implemented via requests being made over HTTPS and each Web Subscriber (external application accessing the services) having to authenticate using their own secret password.

finPOWER Connect Web Services must be hosted by the User.

See finPOWER Connect Web Services Requirements for more information on requirements.

Web Services can be tested and help viewed from a Test Web Services form within finPOWER Connect.

In addition to the standard Web Services API, Custom Web Services can be easily built using Scripting within finPOWER Connect.


The following samples are available to view online:

  • Client Connect
    • Sign in using the following credentials:
      • Client Id: C10000
      • Password: Password1