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Product:finPOWER Connect
Job: J021593

General Ledger Interface; New Interface implemented, including Xero interface via their web API

A new General Ledger Interface has been implemented to develop this area further.

NOTE: Because this is such a major change, the current GL interface is still available and you must specifically turn on the new interface.

Under Tools, Global Settings, General group, GL and Accounting page you can turn on the new interface by checking the "Use new Interface (BETA)?" option.

The new interface introduces two major components:

  1. Integration to Xero via their Web API.
  2. A new set of Business Layer objects and functionality to work with transactions being exported from finPOWER Connect.
    • For more information see 15935.

Other changes include:

  1. New option to group or send Bank Transactions individually for Direct Credit and Debit batches.
    • For more information see 15933.
  2. Added "Accounting Interface request" to Audit Search.

NOTE: The new General Ledger interface is BETA release only. Therefore, use with caution and either test before using in production or carefully review Transactions created in your General Ledger system.