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Product:finPOWER Connect
Job: J021993
Breaking Change

New General Ledger interface; new Business Layer objects and scripting functionality

The new General Ledger interface has new Business Layer objects and functions for scripting purposes.

If you have an existing General Ledger script, it needs to be updated to use the object "GLExportNew" (from "GLExport") and to use the finGLExportNew object rather than finGLExport.

Alternatively, and the preferred method, is to create a new script of Type="Object Events", Object="GLExportNew" and paste the template code. Then move code from your old script to the new one. Make sure you hook-up the script under Tools, Global Settings.

The script includes a new event "ExportProcess". This can be used to manipulate General Ledger information before it is exported.

The main object is now finGLExportNew and contains new objects and collections such as GlExportNew.BankTransactions and GlExportNew.Journals.

  • These objects contain sub-collections that expose the underlying Bank Transactions, Account Transactions and Accounting Ledgers.
  • Use "Add" function to add new items.
  • There are no delete/ remove functions, instead set the Include property to False.
  • Value can be overridden, which sets ValueOverridden property.
  • GL Account Code can be overridden, which sets GLAccountCodeOverridden property.

Note, the new GL Interface is in beta release, hence the new scripting functionality is also in beta.