finPOWER Connect System Requirements

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This article is designed to provide you with guidelines for the minimum and recommended system requirements for running finPOWER Connect.

These recommendations are guidelines only. Requirements may vary with each installation and intended use of the system.

Supported Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

finPOWER Connect can operate on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 operating systems.

Minimum: Windows 8.1.
Recommended: Windows 10.

finPOWER Connect may run under other versions of Windows - but are not supported by Intersoft Systems.

These recommendations are based upon Microsoft's Windows product lifecycles, see Windows lifecycle fact sheet. Please note, Windows versions that have reached their end of service should be considered not supported.

Microsoft .NET Framework

  • finPOWER Connect 3.0.x requires the .NET Framework version 4.5 or later to be installed. However, it is strongly recommended you install version 4.6.1 or later.
  • finPOWER Connect 3.1.x or later requires the .NET Framework version 4.6.1 or later to be installed. However, it is strongly recommended you install version 4.7.1 or later.

During installation, finPOWER Connect will detect if the correct version of the .NET Framework is missing and will prompt you to download and install the package if necessary.

For more information see Installing the latest .NET Framework for finPOWER Connect.

Memory (RAM)

Minimum: 4GB RAM.
Recommended: 8GB RAM or more on 64-bit operating systems.

Display Resolution

Minimum: 1024 x 768.
Recommended: 1920 x 1080 or higher.

For more information see TSB1014.


finPOWER Connect is only designed to operate on and is only tested with Microsoft Window's networking.

Linux and other non-Windows based network storage devices are not tested or recommended.

Microsoft Office

finPOWER Connect uses Microsoft Office in some of its functions. Microsoft Word can be used for the generation of documents and letters, and therefore is central to the operation of finPOWER Connect. Microsoft Excel may be used to analyse data within finPOWER Connect. Microsoft Access may be used for advanced database queries and reports.

Minimum: Microsoft Word 2010.
Recommended: Microsoft Office 2019.

The reliance on Microsoft Office is being reduced, especially from finPOWER Connect version 3.1.x. Most documents can now be produced without using Microsoft Word, and Excel is no longer required to create Excel Workbooks. Please check with your Dealer for more information.

Access (Jet) databases

Access Database files must be stored on a robust Windows operating system file server.

Recommended maximum total users: 10.
Recommended maximum database size: 200MB.

For more information see TSB1019.

Microsoft SQL Server databases

The finPOWER Connect Enterprise Edition allows finPOWER Connect to open and use Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and higher databases.

For more information see SQL Server 2016 Notes.

Recommended: SQL Server 2016 running on its own dedicated Server.

The finPOWER Connect Enterprise Edition must be purchased separately.

Microsoft SQL Server and client licenses to login to the server must be purchased separately.

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