Client Connect Example Portal

Where you want to improve the service levels to your clients and offer a unique customer interface experience, a Client Portal can be built to improve your own Client Web presence.

Our online Client Connect Example Portal demonstrates how the Portals module can be used to create a way for clients to access information about their accounts.

Sign in with the following credentials:
Client Id: C10000
Password: Password1

This sample can be accessed via a web browser or installed to your phone, computer or other device as a Progressive Web Application (PWA).


Clients expect to have access to current balances and transaction information, be able to update contact details and receive secure communications from their finance provider. All this and more is incorporated in our easy-to-use online sample.

This sample demonstrates Portal theming and responsive design which formats the content based on screen size across a range of devices.

For more information see the Developer page for Portals or contact