Preparing for Release 3.04.00

Wednesday, 19 May 2021 by Paul Hammond

Important things you should prepare for in finPOWER Connect 3.04.00.

This Blog will continue to be updated up until this version is released.

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Contact Methods Now Limited to a Single Flag

Previously, "Phone" and "Email" type Contact Methods could be flagged as being of one or more specific types, e.g. "Home", "Work", "Mobile".

They are now limited to a single flag and a Post Database Upgrade warning is given if any Contact Methods need to be reviewed.

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HTML Widgets and Portals Use jQuery 3.6.0 Instead of 2.1.4

The default version of jQuery used by HTML Widgets and Portals has been updated from 2.1.4 to 3.6.0.

Unlike version 2.1.4, version 3.6.0 does not contain any Internet Explorer "fixes" which may result in certain functionality not working as expected.

Some of the issues we encountered in our own upgrade were:

Inserting <table> elements in 2.1.4 automatically created an inner <tbody> tag

This is no longer the case, therefore any CSS rules targetting table rows via a rule such as:

table > tbody > tr {}

May no longer work. To be safe, we have updated our CSS to include and exclude the <tbody> element, e.g.:

table > tbody > tr, table > tr {}

Some self-closing tags now cause issues

In jQuery 2.1.4, inserting HTML using jQuery that contained invalid self-closing tags such as:


did not cause an issue. Version 3.6.0 may now ignore these elements thereby giving unexpected results and breaking existing behaviour.

To resolve this, use opening and closing tags, e.g.:


Check any custom HTML Widgets and Portals work with this version prior to going live.

Web Services and finPOWER Connect Cloud Should Run Under Different IIS Application Pools

If Web Services and finPOWER Connect Cloud are running on the same Web Server (IIS), you should ensure they are running under different IIS Application Pools.