Centrix (New Zealand) Positive Commercial Data Upload

Thursday, 17 June 2021 by Alex McAndrew

Version 3.04.00 introduces the Positive Commercial Bureau Data Update for Centrix in New Zealand.

Centrix uses the data provided in this uploaded file to add additional information within the Commercial Report Product. For more information see Centrix NZ Commercial Report; updated to include Positive Bureau Data.

Similar to the Account History Rating, the Positive Commercial Data Upload (PCDU) reports the aged overdue for the period. The difference is that the History Rating reports how many months overdue the Account is, whereas the PCDU reports the overdue value for each month.

The XML file generated by this process includes Accounts where:

  • Account belongs to the Entity selected.
  • Account Type's Credit Type is "Commercial".
  • Comprehensive Credit Reporting is not suspended.
  • Includes at least one owner Client that is an Organisation or Sole Trader.
  • Account was open on the To date, or closed between From and To dates (inclusive).
  • Only owner Clients of the Account are included if they are an Organisation or Sole Trader.

Centrix Process

Files are transmitted via Secured FTP. Centrix will create 'FromCentrix' and 'ToCentrix' folders for you. The diagram below provides a high-level summary of the process.

Please talk to your Dealer about installing a Secure FTP Client to update and download files.

Configuring the Database

Enabling the Menu Items

Previously in finPOWER Connect, exports such as this would have been done via a built-in form and immediately available in a menu. This process is the first to be HTML Widget only, meaning that either a custom HTML Widget may be configured, or the system-supplied version can be used.

A new configuration heading "HTML Widgets" has been added to Global Settings, Accounts, Scripts (see below). The menu options for the PCDU process become available once Scripts have been configured here. It has been done this way because Centrix is automatically available for New Zealand, but a Finance Company may not be using Centrix. So therefore having the menu options automatically appear in 3.04 when Centrix is not being used may not be desirable.

See the next section to learn how to import the system-supplied HTML Widgets.

As you configure the HTML Widgets, their menu items will become available in the Process menu;

  • CreditReportingCentrixCommercialDataUpload - Centrix Commercial Data Upload
  • CreditReportingCentrixCommercialDataUploadResponse - Import Centrix Commercial Data Response

The availability of the menu items can also be restricted by using the following Permission Keys:

  • Menu.Process.CreditReportingCentrixCommercialDataUpload
  • Menu.Process.CreditReportingCentrixCommercialDataUploadResponse

Importing the System-Supplied HTML Widgets

The Scripts can be imported from the Admin, Scripts form. From the actions on the left, select HTML Widget from the Import Special group. You will find the two HTML Widgets required under the Services - Credit / Identification Enquiries:

  • Centrix (New Zealand) Commercial Data Upload
  • Centrix (New Zealand) Commercial Data Upload Response

Once you have saved each of the imported HTML Widgets, you can configure them in Global Settings as described in the section above.

Configure the Script Constants

Between the two system-supplied HTML Widgets there are three Constants which can be used.

Export HTML Widget

  • FTPFolder
    • This determines where the exported XML file should be exported to.
    • If blank, then the User's Export Folder will be used.

Response Viewer HTML Widget

  • FTPFolder
    • If specified, valid, and there are XML files in the folder, then the HTML Widget will display a list of files to view without having to select them from the file system.
    • If blank, then the User will be forced to manually select a file.
  • ArchiveFolder
    • Used in conjunction with the FTPFolder Constant.
    • If specified, and valid, then an Archive Selected File button becomes available. Clicking this button moves the selected file to this folder, therefore removing it from the file list.
    • Cannot be set to the same path as the FTPFolder Constant.
    • If blank (or if specified folder is invalid), then there is no option to archive.

Using the HTML Widgets

Once configured, the export and import processes are ready to use.

This section is only applicable if using the system-supplied HTML Widgets and may not apply if your database is using custom versions.

Centrix Commercial Data Upload

The User can specify the following parameters for export:

  1. The Entity they want to include Accounts from.
  2. The 'From' Date
    • Only used to include Accounts which were closed on or after this date (but on or before the 'To' date).
  3. The 'To' Date
    • Overdue calculations are made as at the 'To' date.

Once confirmed, the file will be exported to either the Users' Export Folder, or the Folder specified in the FTPFolder Constant (if configured and valid). The file is now ready to be provided to Centrix.

Import Centrix Commercial Data Response

If the FTPFolder Constant is configured and valid, and there are XML files in the folder, the User will see them in a list. If the Constant is not supplied (or is not valid) then this section of the HTML Widget is not available. Regardless of the Constant, this section will be hidden if running the HTML Widget outside of finPOWER Connect Desktop (e.g., from finPOWER Connect Cloud).

The Archive button is only available if the ArchiveFolder Constant is specified and valid. Clicking on this button moves the selected file to the specified folder and refreshes the HTML Widget. If the files section is hidden, then the Archive button is not available, even if the ArchiveFolder Constant has been set and is valid.

Listed files may not be valid Centrix Response files. The User will be informed at the point they attempt to drill down that the file is invalid.

Additionally, there is also an option for the User to select a file from anywhere on their file system. This option is always available, regardless of Constants or context (e.g., finPOWER Connect Desktop or finPOWER Connect Cloud).

The contents of valid files will be displayed on the second page (see below), which is entirely provided by Centrix. The Account column in the grid is a hyperlink to the Account within finPOWER Connect.

If the selected file has come from the FTP Folder (and the Archive option is configured correctly), the User is then able to archive directly from this page.

If there are any errors included in the response file, the problematic Accounts and / or Clients should be fixed (where possible) or the Credit Reporting option for the Account suspended. Then a new export file can be created and sent to Centrix.