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Centrix NZ Commercial Report; updated to include Positive Bureau Data

The Centrix NZ Commercial Report has been updated to implement version 2.03 dated 31/03/2021 - which includes the new Positive Bureau Data dataset.

To access this data your account will need to firstly be configured by Centrix, then secondly enabled via the "Enable Positive Credit Bureau data for Commercial Report?" option in Cost Centres, Centrix NZ, Options page, under "Commercial Enquiry Options and Defaults".

You can then select to include the Positive Credit Bureau data and/ or the Average Days to Pay Data by default.

For more information please contact Centrix.

The URL used for the Commercial products can now be configured in Cost Centres, Centrix NZ, Credentials page, "REST URL" field. NOTE: You may receive a 401 Unauthorised error if the REST URL is not set correctly.

The following built-in Summary Page has been updated:

"SummaryPage2_CreditEnquiryReport_CentrixNZ" has been updated to version 2.11 on 23/06/2021.