illion BankStatements BrokerFlow

Wednesday, 3 June 2020 by Anita Cossey

BrokerFlow takes the 'illion BankStatements' Bank enquiry and enables you to retrieve Bank Statements and data, previously collected by Brokers.

The 'Broker' accesses illion BankStatements (via a process external to finPOWER Connect) and provides you with the 'Document Id'. You then enter the Document Id within the BankStatements Enquiry and view the results without having to liaise with the Client via email or SMS, as this will have been completed for you.

Once you have received your API Key, enter it into the Credentials Page, API Key of your Cost Centre.


Go to the Options tab and tick the 'Enable BrokerFlow' checkbox.

To perform a Bank Account Enquiry using BrokerFlow, follow these steps.

  1. Open the 'Bank Account Enquiry' wizard; this can be from various areas including:
    • Menu option Client, Bank Account Enquiry.
    • Client form, Bank Account Enquiry.
    • Account Application form, Applicants page, click the Bank Account Enquiry icon
    • An item within a Workflow.


  2. Select the Client.
  3. Select the Branch; this will usually default from the Client.
  4. Select the Bank Account Service, BankStatements.
  5. Click the BrokerFlow radio button and enter the 'Document Id' that has been provided by the Broker.
  6. Click Next.
  7. BLOG.20200611.4

The following information is returned by the bank:

  • The report displays several sections to assist your with your analysis which include: Alerts, Summary, Account Summary, Analysis Categories, etc.
  • The Client's Bank information includes the Account Name, Holder, Institute, Account Number, Current Balance, Available Balance and Days in Negative.
  • Below the "Account Summary" is the "Transaction Analysis" for each Account, which details the breakdown of transactions, i.e. Payroll, Deposit, Loan Debit, Loan Credit, etc., for this month and last month.
  • The 'Transaction Summary' details up to 90 days of Account transactions for each Account.

And finally, once the query has been completed a log will be attached to the Client. To view the Log, there are a several options to search for it:

  1. Click on the Client form, Logs page and then on to the specific log. You can see that the 'Product' is BrokerFlow.
  2. BLOG.20200611.5

  3. Click on Menu option Report, Audit Search. Select 'Credit Bureau requests', and you will find 'BrokerFlow' as part of the list for 'Product Ids'. Click Next and you will be able to view the logs.
  4. BLOG.20200611.6