finPOWER Connect 3.04.03 Released

Tuesday, 1 February 2022

We are pleased to announce the release of finPOWER Connect version 3.04.03.

To upgrade to this latest version please contact your authorised Intersoft Reseller or see the Downloads page.

For a full list of all the release notes click here.

Some of the highlights include:

finPOWER Connect

  • Accounts
    • Revolving Credit Loan Account Types
      • Added option to charge Default Interest post Maturity
    • Standard Transactions; Added "Transfer" for Loan and Disbursement Accounts
    • Standard Transactions; now supports Basis of Credit Limits 2 and 3
    • Other Interest; can now be based upon Credit Limits 2 and 3 and Utilisation 2 and 3
  • Bank Entry
    • Investment and Additional Investment Transaction Types can now be sent to Suspense
  • Banking
    • Updated New Zealand Bank Account validations for Bank of China and China Construction Bank
    • Added New Zealand BACHO Direct Credit and Direct Debit export file formats
  • Credit Bureaus
    • Centrix
      • Updated Consumer Driver Check
    • Credit and Data Bureau
      • HTML Widget now allows Identity Items to be amended
  • Reports
    • Account Log List Report
      • Added Account filters
    • Loan Trial Balance Report
      • Added optional "Interest Type" column
    • Security Item List Report
      • Added additional optional columns
  • HTML Widgets
    • New HTML Widgets
      • Service Log
      • User Group Edit
      • User Policy Edit
    • Updated HTML Widgets
      • External Party Edit; now confirms close if changes have been made
      • PPSR NZ Update wizard updated to hide content while loading
    • Controls
      • New ColourChooserComboBox control added
      • New PermissionKeyComboBox control added
      • Additional properties added to InformationListComboBox control
  • Information Lists
    • Now support Alternate Values with more than 255 characters
  • Export
    • Admin Files now export XML using a prettifier, i.e., elements are on separate lines and are indented
  • Custom Settings
    • New option to create Custom Settings via a Parameter Set
  • Excel Workbooks
    • Added new ISExcelCellRange object
    • Added Sort function
  • Scripting
    • Script Editor
      • New Right-Click option to insert a Constant
    • Script Debugger functionality added
    • Script Compilation Errors Report
      • Added parameters
  • Permissions
    • Added new Permission Keys to prevent Users editing External Ids
  • Auditing
    • Enhanced display of information to make clearer
    • New option to audit Account Type Rules

finPOWER Connect Cloud

  • Configuration
    • Custom message for the Sign-In page can now be defined
    • File Upload restrictions, i.e. a list of valid file extension types, can now be defined