General Application Issues

finPOWERConnect Error on new Installation

Error Details

New Install error message

Unhandled exception caught.

Attempt by method
'Intersoft.ISRuntime3.ISXmlBuilder.ToXmlString(Boolean)' to access method 'System.IO.StreamReader..ctor(System.IO.Stream,System.Text.Encoding, Boolean, Int32, Boolean)' failed.

Additional Information

This error was showing on a new installation of finPOWER Connect when attempting to log in. They had uninstalled and reinstalled to try and get rid of the error, but it made no difference.


  • It was found that the .Net Framework was not up to date; once a new version had been downloaded the error went away and finPOWER Connect worked as expected.

finPOWERConnect Installation Executable files removed from the PC

Error Details

Problem with shortcut error message

Problem with Shortcut

The item 'finPOWERConnect32bit.exe' that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly.

Do you want to delete this shortcut?

Additional Information

Every time the PC was rebooted, when clicking on the finPOWERConnect Icon the error said the application had been changed or moved.

The icon was left on the Desktop and most of the files were showing within the installation folder, however, the file "finPOWERConnect32bit.exe" was removed.

The file was deleted completely from the PC with nothing showing in the recycle bin. As a quick fix the Client reinstalled finPOWERConnect.


  • It was found that the Client is using an Anti-Virus program called "Trend Micro", which excluded 32-bit.exe files.
  • Build an exclusion for 32-bit.exe files on startup.