Monitor Size and Resolution

TSB1014 | Wednesday, 4 July 2001

This article is designed to provide you with guidelines for selecting a monitor for use with the finPOWER, finPOWER Connect, emPOWER and fdPOWER. Please note that these are only guidelines and may vary with the actual monitor used.

It is important to realize that one of the key components to interacting with a computer is the monitor. Obviously a higher quality and larger monitor will provide a better experience for you. There are several factors that influence the overall monitor quality.

We recommended LCD Monitors with modern DVI or Displayport connections.


The higher the resolution the more "pixels" or dots the image on the screen is made up of. More pixels means more information can be displayed on the screen, and the less you have to scroll around the screen or minimise windows to see others. As the number of pixels grows so should the size of the screen, as at some point the image becomes too small to easily read. For each screen size, there are one or two optimum resolutions, a balance between the screen size and resolution.

Also consider wide screen versus older 4:3 monitors and allow slightly larger size for the resolution.

See individual System Requirements for more information.

High DPI Monitors

DPI or Dots Per Inch is a measurement of how many pixels (dots) there are per inch for a monitor. Typically monitors have a DPI of 96 dots per inch. This works well with most versions of the Windows Operating Systems.

Some monitors, however, have higher DPI's of, for example, 120. This means information displayed is smaller and harder to read. Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 include high-DPI settings that adjust the display resolution for better readability, i.e. so information is enlarged and easier to read whilst at the same time being clearer.

However, many applications do not handle high DPI correctly. In addition Windows itself may incorrectly adjust information and distort font sizes etc.

For this reason we only currently recommend the use of high DPI monitors and settings with finPOWER Connect 2.x - which is designed to use high DPI monitors.