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Product:finPOWER Connect Cloud
Job: J026777

HTML Widgets; widget.UI.DBCombo control; Search dropdown for "special" ranges updated and fixed

When displaying a "special" range such as Clients or Accounts, the DBCombo control displays a Search box instead of a list.

The following fixes and changes have been made. Most of the issues affected finPOWER Connect Cloud only:

  • The Search box was a single pixel wide when running under finPOWER Connect Cloud and therefore nothing entered into it was visible
  • The "No Items" caption that appeared below the search box has been removed
  • Right-clicking the grid (in finPOWER Connect Cloud) no longer shows the "Export" menu since this was misaligned and not required
  • Up and Down keys did not work when navigating the search results grid
  • The active grid row was not appearing blue
  • When finPOWER Connect Cloud was configured to "Use Pickers" (under User menu, Device Options), the search box and button were not formatted as expected
    • An issue was also resolved where this Device Option was not always applied as expected
      • This was a script load timing issue and therefore very intermittent
  • The grid of search results is no longer hidden if no search has been performed or if no results were returned (previously, this resulted in a white background which looked confusing)

NOTE: Some of these issues were due to our upgrading to jQuery 3.6.0.