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Product:finPOWER Connect
Job: J026659

Clients and Users forms; Functionality added to support Portal Multi-Factor Authentication

This release adds Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to Portals.

To support this, the following buttons have been added to the Clients form, "Web Access" page and the Users form, new "Portal Access" page:

  • Reset Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Clears the Client or User's Multi-Factor Authentication details for ALL Portals
      • This clears any of the "Skip this step for N days" checkbox settings that the Client or User may have selected upon signing in
      • It also clears any Authenticator App details meaning that if the Portal is setup to use "Authenticator App", they will need to remove their entry for the Portal and scan a new QR code
  • Create Emergency Code
    • This prompts the User to select a Portal and then generates a 6-character code that can be supplied to a Client or User to allow them to access the Portal
      • For example, the Client or User may not be able to access their email of mobile phone or they may have lost their smartphone containing an Authenticator App
      • This code is valid for 5 minutes

NOTE: The reason the "Users" form has a new "Portal Access" page is that the information and buttons on the "Web Access" page relate to finPOWER Connect Cloud access and MFA. This functionality needed to be kept separate from Portals.