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Product:finPOWER Connect
Job: J026219

HTML Widgets; Background Processes; Progress page for supported HTML Widgets now includes Timestamps

HTML Widgets which support background processing (such as Account Processes) have been enhanced to display a timestamp of each event on the Progress page. The date displayed is the database date and time. If the database is configured to use time zones, then the time zone of the database will be displayed next to the timestamp.

Display without time zone: [26/05/2021 10:51:20] Display with time zone: [26/05/2021 10:51:20 (UTC+10:00) Brisbane]

Note: Currently this only applies to the HTML Widget; any success / failure emails only include the events without dates. This is the same for the Scheduled summary in Connect Cloud Configuration. Adding timestamps to these locations may be considered in the future.

The following HTML Widgets have been updated:

  • HtmlWidget_AccountProcesses
    • Version: 2.04 (28/05/2021)
  • HtmlWidget_SmsUpdate
    • Version: 1.01 (28/05/2021)