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Product:finPOWER Connect
Job: J019434

Credit Sense; added an option to define available Supplemental Report Types

Credit Sense Bank Account Enquiries include a number of Supplemental Reports. These are defined at Credit Sense's end for each Client.

There is now a Global Setting to define the available Supplemental Report Types to match those available to you. This is entered under Global Settings, Clients group, Credit Sense page as a comma separated list of Report Numbers. For example, to show Reports 3, 4, 7 and 10 enter "3,4,7,10".

In addition, the Report information returned should include the default Report Type for the Client. This will always be displayed.

Currently the list of possible report types are:

3 SACC Report
4 SACC Full Report
7 SACC New
9 Enhanced Income Liabilities Report
10 SACC New Full Report
12 Enhanced Income Liabilities Full Report
14 SME Report
15 Data Only
16 Categorised

To change the Reports available to you you should contact Credit Sense directly.

The following built-in Summary Page has been updated:

"SummaryPage2_BankAccountEnquiryReport_CreditSense" has been updated to version 2.04 on 8/08/2017.