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Product:finPOWER Connect
Job: J019197

Account Application Types; new "Summary Script" page and option to allow "hub" entry

The "Summary Page Script" has been moved from the "Options" page of the Account Application Types form and now resides on a new "Summary Script" page. This is in line with Workflow Types.

A new "Summary Page options" section has been added. These options can be used by Summary Pages and standard blocks.

A new "Show 'Hub' entry options (HTML Widget entry only)?" option has been added. This is used by the various Summary Page Standard Blocks used to build the Key Details page. If checked and the entry method is "HTML Widget", hyperlinks and buttons will appear on the Summary Page allowing entry and editing of various Account Application components. These actions only appear when the record is not in edit mode.

The following changes are made to the Account Application Key Details when allowing hub entry:

  • Applicants block:
    • "Add Applicant" action
    • Clicking the Name now edits the item
  • Collateral block:
    • "Add Collateral" action
    • Clicking the Description now edits the item

NOTE: All of the above use HtmlWidget type Application Shortcuts and are therefore compatible with finPOWER Connect Cloud.