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Product:finPOWER Connect
Job: J018918

Account Settlement Summary; change made so Word Document file type can save as a Word Document

A change has been made to allow the Account Settlement Summary to be saved as other than "pdf" when using the Word Document file type.

This is achieved by adding a file extension on the SuggestedFilename. Example code is below:

' Suggest File Name
'Original code: mWordDocument.SuggestedFilename &= "-" & mAccountLog.Pk
mWordDocument.SuggestedFilename &= "-" & mAccountLog.Pk & ".docx"

Note, the Account Close document only creates a temporary document in the temporary folder. So, any changes made in Word will be lost unless saved back in the Document Manager folder.

However, you can now also specify the folder in SuggestedFilename. If the SuggestedFileName includes both a folder and file extension the SuggestedFilename is where the file is saved, thereby allowing you to save it to the Document Manager folder etc.