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Product:finPOWER Connect
Job: J018903

GL Export; new option to create GL Batch and to link Transactions to an existing GL Export

There are new options to create a GL Batch header (without actually doing an export) and to link Transactions to an existing GL Export.

This might be used where Loans are imported from a secondary source, i.e. not finPOWER Connect, and the existing transactions are added - but they do not need to be exported to the General Ledger.

To create a GL Export batch, use the new CreateGLExport function under finBL.AccountTransactionFunctions. For example:

Main = finBL.AccountTransactionFunctions.CreateGLExport(GlExportId, EntityPk, Nothing, Notes, GlExportPk)

Note, if the GL Export Id already exists, this will not add a new Export, it will simply return GlExportPk.

Then when creating a batch of transactions, simply set the GLExportPk of the Transaction. For example:

BatchTransaction = Batch.Transactions.CreateBatchTransaction()
With BatchTransaction
  .Date = finBL.GetCurrentDatabaseDate()
  .Reference = ""
  .Value = 0
  .Notes = ""
End With

Alternatively, you may update existing Transactions that have NOT been exported to General Ledger

Main = finBL.AccountTransactionFunctions.UpdateAccountTransactionGlExportPk(AccountTransactionPk, GlExportPk)

Note, if you are licensed for the Entities Add-On the Entity the Account belongs to must match the Entity of the GL Export.