finPOWER Connect Workflows Add-On

The finPOWER Connect Workflows Add-On adds functionality to implement automation of business processes using a powerful but flexible Workflow Engine.

Whether it is Overdue Monitoring, Collections, Application Processing or Documentation checks, any process that follows a set of rules and steps can be modeled into a workflow that can be initialised from different triggers within finPOWER Connect. The power of Workflows comes from the logical recording and definition of company processes and policies into simple, user driven steps.

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  • Each workflow is a series of steps that a user can work through. These workflows can be initiated from a number of places within finPOWER Connect and automate the processing of routine tasks.
  • Each step in the Workflow can have a preset function, such as adding a Log note, generating a Document, running a Credit Enquiry or Decision Card, escalating the workflow to a supervisor or starting another workflow.
  • Each Workflow step can have a range of Outcomes, and each outcome can have an Action associated with it. So success or failure, for each Workflow step can have an impact of which direction the Workflow then takes.
  • Once a Workflow has been initiated, it is displayed in the User's Task Manager.
    • The Task Manager acts as a central point for each User to perform their daily functions, whether they are sourced from Workflows, un-actioned Log Notes or User Logs.
    • The Task Manager has easy access buttons to cater for regular functions such as recording notes, making payment arrangements, printing documents and sending an e-mail or SMS message.
    • Users can also manage their own task lists by creating folders and filters for specific types of tasks.
  • Additionally, Workflows can be actioned from the Task Manager with each step being processed and outcomes recorded. Clear graphics provide a quick assessment of the progress of the Workflow and the outcomes of each Workflow step.