finPOWER Connect Page Sets Add-On

The finPOWER Connect Page Sets Add On allows custom User Interface forms to be created.

The application of Page Sets is potentially limitless and can be used wherever there is the need for a custom form or interface within finPOWER Connect. For example, Page Sets can be used to create custom Loan Application forms, add specialised forms for Cheque Cashing and CRM forms to drive targeted marketing campaigns.

  • A Page Set form can look and feel like any other finPOWER Connect form.
  • Forms are integrated within finPOWER Connect itself.
  • Use an Event driven model to provide complete control over the User Interface.
  • Can access the full finPOWER Connect Business Layer.

The Page Set Designer is used to create Page Sets. The Designer includes many drag and drop controls such as Textboxes, Comboboxes, HTML frames, images and buttons. Control functionality can be customised by the use of script code, making Page Sets a very powerful tool.

finPOWER Connect Page Sets