finPOWER Connect Messaging Add-On

The finPOWER Connect Messaging Add-On provides the ability to send SMS text messages directly from finPOWER Connect.

Replies from the Client can be sent directly to an e-mail address, and replies to the e-mail are reconverted to a SMS message.

Created from paste into Topic content

Sending SMS messages offers a number of advantages over conventional communications:

  • They are instant, the message is delivered within seconds of it being sent.
  • It has a greater appeal and improved response rates to traditional communication methods.
  • Clients are more reliant and respond more readily to their mobile phone than both mail or conventional phones.
  • They are cost effective when compared to traditional mail.
  • Replies are handled easily.

Within finPOWER Connect there are several ways to send a message.

  • Simple, ad-hoc messages can be used to send casual messages to clients, as shown above. Messages sent this way automatically generate, if applicable, a new Log Note recording the event and content of the message.
  • Documents. Using a Document based option allows standardised messages to be sent to your Clients.
  • Scripting. Using scripting allows far greater flexibility for selecting Clients to send messages. This could be used to notify clients of a reversed Direct Debit payment, remind them of a payment that is due tomorrow, advise of a missed payment etc. The possibilities are endless.

The following Messaging providers are included:

The Advanced Messaging Add-On adds more functionality and service providers to Messaging.