finPOWER Connect Enterprise Edition

The finPOWER Connect Enterprise Edition is designed for larger users of finPOWER Connect and is a requirement for using the Web Services and Automation Add-On in a production environment.

Microsoft SQL Server

The default database engine used within finPOWER Connect is Microsoft Access. However, we recommend this database engine only be used for up to 10 users and databases less than 200MB.

Once this threshold has been reached, you should consider licensing for the Enterprise Edition of finPOWER Connect.

The Enterprise Edition incorporates support for Microsoft's industrial strength database engine "SQL Server", which is designed to handle hundreds of simultaneous users.

There are several versions of Microsoft SQL Server available:

  • Express Edition
    • Free, but limits the database size and available CPU cores and memory that can be used
  • Standard Edition
  • Enterprise Edition

Microsoft SQL Server and Client licenses to login to the server must be purchased separately when using the Standard and Enterprise Editions.

For more information see System Requirements and the SQL Server 2019 Guide.

Other Functionality

  • Reporting Database.
    • This allows database intensive Reporting to be off-loaded to a secondary database server.
  • User Performance Options.
    • To prevent certain database intensive actions from overloading the system.
  • Business Layer enhancements.
    • Child Account facilities.