finPOWER Connect Bank Account Enquiry Add-On

Getting an accurate picture of a client's ability to repay a loan is a cornerstone of most responsible lending practices. What better way to get that picture than looking at their bank statements. Instead of the client scanning and emailing their bank statements to you, wouldn't it be great to have them delivered direct to the client's file in finPOWER Connect. That is exactly what the Bank Account Enquiry module does.

We have partnered with leading electronic bank statement retrieval companies to provide a seamless interface that allows the client to log into their Internet banking portal and have their bank statements delivered direct to finPOWER Connect. In addition, the electronic bank retrieval company uses various metrics and categorisation techniques to analyse the bank statement information and provide an even greater understanding of the bank statement data.

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Please note if you are using the illion (BankStatements) Service in either NZ or Australia, this module is not required as it is included in the base finPOWER Connect system.

We currently support the following leading electronic bank retrieval company interfaces: