fdPOWER PreNeed Add On

This facility allows fdPOWER to fully manage Pre-Need/Pre-Paid Arrangements. Simply record the details associated with the Funeral Plan/Bond. fdPOWER can produce the relevant paperwork including the contract document and record details of the pre-payment(s). For those Pre-Need Arrangements that are being paid off by installments, let fdPOWER assist with managing the installments as they fall due or overdue. For Australian users, fdPOWER will even assist by calculating the GST obligations associated with Pre-Paid Funerals.

When the Arrangement becomes 'At Need' simply change the status of the Arrangement from 'Pre-Need' to 'At Need', update the applicable information and produce the necessary paper work for the funeral including the claim form for the Pre-Paid Fund Provider. fdPOWER keeps track of whether a gain or loss has been made on the funeral and allow refunds of gains to be returned to the family if applicable.

Where the Family have requested additional items outside of the contracted supply, fdPOWER can produce a separate invoice for the family.

fdPOWER Pre Need Arrangment Sdump