emPOWER Jobs Add On

Businesses operating in service industries such as Electricians, Plumbers, Builders, Electronic Servicing and Automotive servicing, along with professional consultants, all require tight controls over Job profitability. End Quote Image

The exciting emPOWER accounting software Jobs module is designed track each Job from beginning to end. Essential functions such as creating and editing Job budgets, creating Purchase Orders for specific items and progressive invoicing are all catered for.

Key Features

Full Job Details

Full Job details are held, including internal classifications, employee responsibilities, invoice descriptions and notes, job address, phone numbers, contact person and referral details. The customer order number and quote cross-references are also retained.

Job Sheets may also be printed for operational Staff and to record Stock Issues and time charges.

emPOWER Process, Jobs, Details Sdump

Job Status

A Job status is held and a Job may be easily maintained and moved through the various stages of processing. Status options include Costing, Open, Closed, Completed and Hold.

Job Types

Jobs may be grouped by Type which can be used in reporting and may also be used to show a stage or statues of production.

Job Budgets

Budgets for each job can be processed and used as a quote, and for future job profitability analysis.

Quotes may be used to price a Job for a customer in advance or simply as an estimate of costs for comparison.

Job Summary

A summary of all the financial information relating to a job is presented in a single, easy to understand screen. It details the total charges to date, costs associated with Stock issues, Supplier Invoices and other transactions. From this Gross Profit and Profit is calculated. Additionally any outstanding Purchase Orders and Open Invoices are detailed as well.

emPOWER Process, Jobs, Summary Sdump

Job Transactions

All transactions associated with the Job are detailed on the Job File. This provides easy, one click drill down to the invoices, purchase orders etc for review. This ensures that all information relating to a Job is only ever a click away.

Job Processing

When you are issuing stock or entering time sheet details, the Job Charges Transaction entry screen allows for efficient processing. It provides batch type invoice entry directly to Open Job Invoices associated with each job. These Open Job Invoices can be edited and approved prior to final committal to the clients account.


There are a wide range of standard reports are included in the module. These include individual and consolidated job profitability, individual item analysis and Job Status lists.