emPOWER General Ledger Module

If Cashflow is the life blood of a business, Profit is its heart End Quote Image

You are in business to make a profit, for without profit you cannot offer yourself, nor your staff any security. The General Ledger is a very comprehensive, but easy to use application, providing powerful reporting to assist you in making the right decisions for your company.

Intersoft’s emPOWER General Ledger System will enable you to produce full Financial Reports to Balance Sheet stage, with Budget Variances, Management / Statistical data and extended reporting. When GST is due, simply print the GST 101 Report or BAS Return, and all the relevant information is presented for you.

Key Features of emPOWER General Ledger

Flexible Open-Period Processing

Define your own financial year start and end dates and create a processing “window” for posting transactions into. This window can span any number financial years, allowing transactions to be posted into any period required. The window can be “closed” when processing for a year is completed and to stop any transactions from being posted into the wrong period. Reports can be printed for any financial period. You may set a “closed to” date to prevent further posting transactions before this date.

Flexible End of Year Procedures

For end of year procedures emPOWER accounting software offers you the ease of simply defining a Retained Earnings Account or the power to create a set of “Rules” to transfer profit through to Shareholder Accounts and Shareholders “Current Accounts” to “Brought Forward Accounts”.

emPOWER Global Options, Calander Sdump

GST Analysis

The General Ledger system is a dream when analysing GST. Input and Output GST totals for Payments, Invoice and Hybrid basis are catered for. In New Zealand the GST 101 Return Report has the look and feel of the real GST 101 Report. In Australian the BAS return is fully formatted to clearly present all the relevant information with full audit trails. Full GST audit trail reports are also available.

Chart of Accounts Explorer

emPOWER General Ledger allows for the easy addition of accounts and utilises the powerful Chart of Accounts Explorer. The familiar styled explorer graphically presents the structure of your Chart of Accounts and shows groupings, totals and accounts.

emPOWER Admin, Account Explorer Sdump


Transactions can be analysed to Departments for profit centre reporting. When setting up your Chart of Accounts define which Departments operate with each Account, and also define the normal Department associated with that Account.

When used in conjunction with the Branches Add-On you can divide your business into a matrix of Branches, Departments and Accounts, and then analyse transactions to any of these combinations. This allows for powerful analysis reporting on different profit centre combinations, as well as business-wide analysis.

emPOWER Admin, Accounts Sdump

Detailed on-screen Account Information

The one Account screen has all the relevant details for the Account for easy and quick reference. It details the structure and default GST information, monthly totals for all history, transaction details and budget information.

Journal Entry

All double entry Journals are entered in batches that are designed for maximum data entry speed and efficiency. Each batch may be temporarily saved and re-edited (or deleted) until committed to the Ledger.

Recurring and Auto Reversing Journals

All Journals and Journal Batches can be configured to be recurring and/or auto reversing to save re-keying.

Drill Down Information

Where appropriate, drill downs are provided to take you quickly to source data. Just double click on the figure to drill down.

Account Budgets

Budgets are essential for tracking your progress against predetermined goals. emPOWER General Ledger allows you to have up to three different budgets to measure your performance, all of which are easily edited and reported on. Each Branch, Department and Account combination can be allocated its own budget.

emPOWER Admin, Accounts, Budget Sdump

Transaction Import and Export

Transaction can be imported in a number of different formats. This helps reduce keying time and aid in information flow between emPOWER and other software. Transactions may also be exported in a variety of formats. This enables you to pass on your fully analysed receipt and payment details to your own Accountant, saving them time and you money. Formats supported include:

  • Solution 6 (MAS 3)
  • Solution 6 (MAS 4)
  • APS
  • Quantum
  • QuickBooks

Excel Reporting

Using the unique and powerful emPOWER Excel Add-In you can easily incorporate your financial information to Microsoft Excel, then harness the power of Excel to create real time custom reports and charts easily and simply.