emPOWER Advanced Inventory Control Add-On

The Advanced Accounting Versions offer greater functionality for the more demanding User End Quote Image

The e-commerce aware emPOWER Accounting module includes Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Inventory Control features. Although this is a powerful module in its own right, it may be further enhanced by the addition of the Advanced Versions.

The Advanced Inventory Control Module provides additional functionality and features that integrate seamlessly within emPOWER accounting software.

Advanced Inventory Control Features


Departments can be used to identify different areas of operation within an organisation. Transactions can be allocated to a Department for later analysis and reporting. Examples of where Departments have been successfully used are: to identify different trucks within a Transport Company; Warranty, Service and Sales operations for Spare Parts Sales; and Retail, Wholesale and Duty Free operations within a Distribution Organisation.

Five Selling Prices

For Items, the Advanced Inventory Control option provides for up to five Selling Prices. Each selling price has its own description and GST type. Very flexible pricing options can be set up per Customer when the five selling prices are combined with the Default Price and Default Discount options.

emPOWER Items Purchase/Sales Sdump

Global Price Updates

The Cost Price for Items can be updated during Invoice entry but, additionally each Sell Price can be updated via a set of rules to identify the increase amount and type from the Cost Price. This can be undertaken per item or globally.

Item Types

Items can be allocated to a separate "Type" for additional grouping and analysis purposes.

Serial Numbers

Items can be identified as "Serial Number" type that allows a serial number to be recorded for each individual item during Supplier and Customer invoicing. Accurate details are then held to record all stock movements and dates. Stock on Hand values are calculated per Serial Number. Sales information can also be used for Warranty purposes.

emPOWER Items Serial Numbers Sdump

Batch Stock

You may track purchases and sales of stock batches. This is useful in identifying individual shipments for pricing purposes, where the cost of each batch may vary considerably.