Previewing Records in finPOWER Connect Cloud

Friday, 22 November 2019 by Paul Hammond

Most modern web applications are designed first-and-foremost with mobile devices in mind.

This includes finPOWER Connect Cloud; the User Interface is responsive and resizes to best fit different sized devices.

What we sometimes forget though, is that for the majority of business users, laptop and desktop PCs are the more common means of access. These tend to have much larger screens and often, that screen real-estate is being wasted.

Our online demo lets you check out the latest build of finPOWER Connect Cloud.

NOTE: This is regularly updated to show new features and may not match screenshots shown in this article.


The majority of business users will use either a laptop or desktop PC to access finPOWER Connect Cloud.

Screens on desktop PCs in particular seem to be getting bigger every year.

For instance, I use two 27 inch monitors and on some websites and applications there is a lot of wasted space. Some of my colleagues use even bigger screens, the largest currently being 43 inches.

Having such large screens means that users are able to work in more efficient ways. One way we have improved finPOWER Connect Cloud is to add the concept of a "Record Preview Pane" which allows the user to view a record without having to switch to the "Records" view.

Record Preview Pane

On a non-mobile device with a screen (or browser window) wider than 1200 pixels, right-clicking links to view Accounts, Clients etc now displays the option to "Open Record in Preview Pane".

In this example, the user can view and interact with the record whilst remaining on the "Home" view:

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From here the user can either close the record or click on its title bar to switch to the "Records" view to display the record fully.

Previewing Records by Default

The "Device Options" form (available from the User menu) allows previewing of records to be the default action when clicking a link to view the record:

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With this option checked, right-clicking a link gives the option to "Open Record in Records View".