Centrix (New Zealand) Biometric Verification

Wednesday, 8 March 2023 by Mike Jensen

Version 4.00.01 introduces support for Centrix Biometric Verification in New Zealand.

Centrix has recently released its SmartID with Biometrics product. This provides businesses with a secure and streamlined way to digitally verify the identity of their customers. Like similar products, it assists with AML/CFT compliance, and can help expedite the on-boarding of new customers, while providing customers the ease of completing the process on their smartphone.

For more information see Centrix SmartID with Biometrics

There is also an HTML Widget available to start Centrix Biometric Verifications.

Centrix Biometrics Set-Up

Before you can use Centric Biometrics you must complete the Centrix Biometric Subscriber Set-Up form. Contact Centrix or your Intersoft dealer to start that process.

finPOWER Connect Set-Up

In finPOWER Connect, if you have not already setup Centrix in Cost Centres, you must enter your credentials and other options. Contact your Intersoft dealer if you need assistance.

The Credit Enquiry Process

To start a Centrix Biometrics Verification, start a Credit Enquiry on the Client. Select CentrixNZ from the Service list and Biometric Verification from the Product list. Click Next.

Check that the Name, Date of Birth, Gender and Mobile phone number are correct. Click Next.

Confirm you want to proceed when the Accept Charges window pops up.

The Client will receive a text (SMS) message with a link to the Verification web page. That page will open in the phone’s browser and step the Client through the process. The Verification process includes:

  • Accepting a privacy waiver.
  • Selecting an Identification Type. NZ Driver Licence and NZ Passport are currently supported.
  • Taking a photo of their Driver Licence or Passport, or uploading a photo of these taken previously.
  • Taking a short selfie video to prove their “Liveness”, and to compare with the photograph on the ID document.
  • Checking the Name and ID Number details scanned from the Licence or Passport.
  • Entering new details if the scanned details are incorrect.
  • Confirming their address.


The initial Summary Page shows that the request was submitted. The History section in this example indicates that the Client has not started the Verification process yet.

Click the Update Status button to get an update on the Verification’s progress from Centrix. After the Client starts the process, the Status will show as In Progress.

Eventually, the Client will (probably) complete the Verification. The Update Status button will produce a full report, and the Status will show as Complete.

Further Information

Contact your Intersoft dealer to help you get started with Centrix Biometric Verification.