Script Editor

Thursday, 23 February 2023 by Gavin Huet

This blog introduces finPOWER Connect developers to the new Script Editor in version 4.

finPOWER Connect version 4 introduced an updated Script Editor that uses the latest scripting components from the Actipro library.

The updated Script Editor has many advantages, such as increased performance and enhanced intellisense integration, and a lot of built in functionality has been rewritten to make use of these advantages.

The updated Script Editor has implemented new features to make coding even easier for developers:

There are some visual changes to the new Script Editor such as the new Function Explorer on the right hand side and the font size button on the bottom toolbar.

Going into Edit Mode is now immediate and there is more intellisense support.

Overview of Script Editor


Scripting intellisense has been updated to include external references and function libraries.

External references can be specified in two ways in the script:

  #Reference Newtonsoft.Json.dll
  #Reference "C:\Temp\Newtonsoft.Json.dll"

Once you save these changes the external reference library will be loaded and available for intellisense, which will appear automatically as you type, for example: