Website Refresh, Page Sets and Message Handler Webinar

Wednesday, 5 August 2015 by Paul Thompson

Each fortnight we conduct a Webinar with our Dealer network to highlight a few areas of finPOWER Connect that are new or offer significant benefits to clients.

Today's topics were:

  • The finPOWER Connect Page Sets Add-On. We had a look at how one client is using the Page Sets module to develop a custom Serviceability Calculator for loan assessments in their own specific way. Ask your Dealer to have a look at the Client Marketing Wizard as well – a simple way to select clients for sending marketing material to.
    Client Marketing wizard
  • We also took the Dealers through the Message Handler which is a great way to have external applications interact with finPOWER Connect. We used a simple URL to get finPOWER Connect to display a client screen and provide a pop up notification of an incoming phone call.

For more details on any of the topics above, have a chat to your Dealer.