rPPSR Changes - Supporting the G2B

Tuesday, 20 February 2018 by John Rickard

NEWSFLASH: PPSR Go Live Date delayed until 1st October 2018.

For more information see the PPSR website.

Amongst other challenges, finPOWER Connect needs to support the G2B interface until the new rPPSR goes live on the 2nd July 2018, and after this date to continue to support existing G2B Transactions stored in finPOWER Connect.

Some of our goals, therefore, included:

  • It must be simple to switch to the new rPPSR on the go live date.
  • Existing PPSR Transactions created via the existing G2B interface must still be supported.

Switching between the existing PPSR G2B Interface and the new rPPSR Interface is as simple as checking a box in Global Settings.

Just check the "Use the new PPSR API?" checkbox at the top of the PPSR NZ page in Global Settings.

Of course, you should have already created your RealMe Identity and have your Consumer Key and Secret, from the API Store, configured and ready to use.

The new rPPSR Interface relies on Summary Pages to present information. This was not available when the original G2B Interface was developed, but it made sense to use this to display PPSR G2B Transactions once using the new rPPSR interface.

The image below shows how a PPSR G2B Financing Statement Registration will now look when using the new rPPSR API.

This is the same summary page used in the new rPPSR. However, note the warning that the PPSR Transaction was created using the G2B channel.

This provides the User with a consistent experience, whether the PPSR Transaction was created in the original PPSR G2B or the new rPPSR.

PPSR Transactions have a "channel" that they were created in. This will be "G2B" for those created and stored in finPOWER Connect prior to the rPPSR, "API" if created via the new rPPSR Interface and "Web" if created on the PPSR website.

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