fdPOWER 5.03.06 Released

Thursday, 2 October 2014

We are pleased to announce the release of fdPOWER Version 5.03.06.

To upgrade to this latest version please contact your authorised Intersoft Reseller or see the Downloads page.

This is a major release, including updated database and new features. Please take your time reviewing the changes before upgrading.

Some of the highlights are:

  • Arrangements.
    • Increased length of deceased first, middle and last names.
    • Marriages; added Location and Officiant.
    • Children; added Last Name at Birth.
    • Search; added EDI Identifier search.
  • EDI.
    • Added interface to Australian Lifelink system.
  • Branches.
    • Added new fields for EDI, in particular the Australian Lifelink system.
  • Names.
    • New "Work Phone" field.
  • Documents.
    • Updated South Australia Application for Cremation Permit.
    • Updated South Australia Certificate of Identification.