finPOWER 5.07.40 Released

Friday, 22 June 2012

We are pleased to announce the release of finPOWER version 5.07.40.

To upgrade to this latest version please contact your authorised Intersoft Reseller or see the Downloads page.

Some of the highlights are:

  • New option to warn user when closing finPOWER via the form's control menu.
  • Loans.
    • New "Run Script" buttons on right hand side of form - defined under Tools, Global Options.
    • New Application shortcuts to automate running scripts from a summary page.
    • Loan Event scripts now support a "Recalculate" event.
  • Australian Bank BSB list updated.
  • Credit Bureau Defaults.
    • New Collector column shown in Defaults grid.
    • New option to print Defaults grid to Excel.
  • Direct Credit export, new "Void" option added for countries that don't support an export.
  • Pools.
    • Enhanced permission keys.
    • Enhanced auditing of changes.
  • Deposit Trial Balance Report.
    • Added optional columns "Term Days" and "Days to Maturity".
  • Security Statement Exception Report
    • New column "Related" added to show related Loans and Clients.
  • Information Lists.
    • New custom lists, CustomA through CustomZ, added for external applications to utilise.

For a full list of all the release notes click here.