New finPOWER MotorWeb Interface Add-On Released

Friday, 26 March 2004

We have released a new Add-On for finPOWER, the MotorWeb Interface Add-On. MotorWeb is used extensively throughout the finance industry in New Zealand to establish the history and the viability of a vehicle as security for lending, so this new Add-On will greatly increase the efficiency of the loan application process.

When you are looking to integrate your business systems you need to consider how to combine “best in class” systems and technologies to provide a well supported solution that works for your business. Working with Intersoft and Motorweb we were able to do just that.

The integration of the two systems provides us with the ability to access real-time data on vehicles and to load all the necessary information directly into our database. It combines checks with the police, PPSR and Motocheck databases to provide a comprehensive history of the vehicle. If the vehicle has any issues such as security interests, warrant due or is of interest to the police, Motorweb alerts you straight away.

Using Motorweb we are assured that all the vehicle details are correctly entered and available to register our security. This saves time and money by getting everything identified early, allowing us to respond quickly to our business partners safe in the knowledge that all vehicle details are accurately reflected in our systems and documentation. Overall Motorweb really adds value to our business.

Andrew Jackson

Chief Financial Officer, Club Finance  End Quote Image

The MotorWeb Interface Add-On provides a direct interface to the MotorWeb website to provide a report on all details of a Motor Vehicle. MotorWeb provides a Vehicle Information Report (VIR) that is the result of 42 different checks made on numerous private and Government databases. The VIR contains information on:

  • Securities on current or past number plates
  • Inconsistent odometer readings or wind-backs
  • Expired RUCs, WOFs, or licenses
  • NZ Customs flags on flood damaged imports
  • Deregistrations (possible accident damage)
  • If the vehicle is of interest to the police
  • Additional notes (e.g. repossession orders, engine and suspension modifications etc.)


Key details on the vehicle are then used to populate the Security Item file within finPOWER.


The MotorWeb VIR Reference is also retained for future validation use.

The MotorWeb Interface Add-On is available from finPOWER version 5.02.04, and clients must have the Securities Register as a prerequisite to the system. The MotorWeb Interface Add-On is only of relevance to NZ Users of finPOWER.

More information on MotorWeb can be found at