New finPOWER Add-Ons Released

Wednesday, 20 November 2002

Remote Processing Options

It's a wired world and there is an ever increasing pressure on Finance companies to provide remote access to their data from a number of different sources - Clients, Dealers and Branches.

Each group has different needs and each company has different objectives so to compliment finPOWER we have developed a number of different remote processing options to counter the different expectations.

Each option offers differing access possibilities, differing technology requirements and can be implemented on different platforms, however the assistance of your Authorised Intersoft Dealer will be needed to select the best option for you.

Wide Area Networks (WANs)

WANs offer the ability to have distributed offices and branches as part of the "on-line" computer network. All branches operate on the one network and access the one live database.  finPOWER is designed to operate on a number of WAN operating systems including Windows 2000 and 2003 Server, however we do recommend you use the SQL Server database option for finPOWER as it is more robust and tolerant of network faults.

Setting up a WAN is capital intensive, as investment in the latest hardware and software is required. However it has the benefit of giving all Users access to live, real time information and facilitates on-line branch processing.


finREMOTE is an Add-On to finPOWER that allows you to create Users that have limited access rights to Client, Loan and Deposit records. Those Users then access the live finPOWER database through finREMOTE and either a Dial up connection or the Internet.

The preferred application to facilitate this is Windows Terminal Server. The practical application of this is to allow Dealers access to your main finPOWER database but only to view their "own" loans or clients. The same applies for Branches.

Each User has limited functionality and reporting options so your live finPOWER database is safe from uninvited inspection, while still allowing Dealers to view their open Loans, add Log Entries to those Loans and calculate settlement amounts.


finQuote is a module that allows remote sites, such as Dealers, to enter client information and loan details into a full finPOWER system located on their own PC. The limitation is that that loan information can only be entered as a quote, but has the benefit of ensuring that all calculations and documentation is standardised.

Another essential feature of finQuote is allowing Dealers to export loan and client details and e-mail them to the finance company. The finance company then imports these details into their live finPOWER system via the Intersoft Outlook Manager. 

The Export / Import process can automate data entry and ensures accuracy and timeliness with information flowing from Dealer to the Finance Company. finQuote is a low cost way of "outsourcing" a key data entry function to Dealers and providing a quick and efficient loan approval and administration process.