NZ BDM Office announces new On Line form

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The NZ Births, Deaths and Marriages Office have been allocated the funds to commence work on building an online form for Death Notifications Online. Death Notifications Online would therefore give funeral directors the option of uploading a batch file as they do now or typing the information into an online form.

Death Notifications Online has been successfully operating since 20 July 2005 and the uptake has been strong and consistent. The NZ BDM Office does perceive that to further boost uptake, Births, Deaths and Marriages will need to offer a no-cost solution to those funeral directors who may not wish to pursue other options in the marketplace and may be hesitating to start notify deaths online.

The project to build an online form has only just commenced and the implementation date has not been decided, although it is likely to be before 30 June 2010.