EDI Interface Add-On released for NZ BDM Office's On-Line Death Notification Service

Saturday, 1 April 2006

We are pleased to announce the fdPOWER EDI Interface is now available to integrate to the BDM Office's On-Line Death Notification Service.

Intersoft has been heavily involved in the pilot program of online notifications through our development team, John Duncan of Ninness Funeral Home in Porirua and his Intersoft Dealer, Mike Johnson of Full Circle Business Solutions. As a result of this pilot fdPOWER has now been enhanced making the registration process easy and simple to use.

This exciting new step for fdPOWER and Funeral Directors demonstrates Intersoft's commitment to the industry and endorses fdPOWER as being the leading software system. fdPOWER has been the first choice of over 75 Funeral Directors in both New Zealand and Australia since 1986. fdPOWER has been designed for the unique requirements of the funeral industry to enhance your businessand work the way you do. It reflects the individual nature of each Funeral Home whilst helping present your business the way you wish to.

fdPOWER and the EDI Interface facility provide increased efficiency in registering deaths and allows death certificates to be delivered to the families in a more timely manner. This increases the service offering of your funeral home and helps battle the paper war.

fdPOWER NZ Arrangement Sdump