NZ GST Rate Increase

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

GST Rate Change

With only a month until the change in the GST rate in New Zealand, we have completed all the necessary steps in preparation for the change. In doing so, we have tried to keep the potential disruption to your business operations to a minimum and make the roll out as simple as possible.

As there are so many different possible scenarios for the rate change, depending on individual clients requirements and configurations, we are working through our Reseller Network to deliver the tools and guidance you need for the change. Our Resellers have been provided with:

  • Operational guidelines for emPOWER to address the GST Rate change configuration issues.
  • Advice for successfully documenting and processing the rate change, including Transitional GST Returns.
  • IRD guidelines for the GST Rate change.
  • A number of Custom Reports to highlight adjustments you may be required to make, including Credit Note Adjustments.
  • A number of patches and scripts to apply to emPOWER to ensure the old and new GST rates can co-exist successfully.

The above will be provided to you by your Reseller as required, and are provided by Intersoft at no cost as they form part of the Software Maintenance Agreement. However, it is likely that there will be a cost for your Reseller to attend onsite. Please discuss these costs with your Reseller.

Your emPOWER Reseller should be in contact with you soon to arrange a time to discuss your specific requirements and provide any Reports, Patches, guidance and advice in the lead up to the change.

For further resources please see our website.

Free Tax Seminars and Workshops from the IRD

The IRD are running a series of seminars throughout NZ over the next month to help you prepare for the changes that are due to occur on 1 October. For a full list of the dates and venues please click here.

Topics to be covered are:

  • calculating GST at 15%
  • filing your GST returns
  • how to file a one-off GST provisional return
  • making the GST adjustment calculation
  • GST invoices and receipts
  • time of supply rules
  • GST on imports
  • cancelling your GST registration
  • tax rate changes
  • getting your business ready
  • changing your business systems to prepare for GST
  • PAYE changes - changing your payroll system
  • fringe benefit tax
  • depreciation
  • provisional tax
  • Working for Families Tax Credits.

The website has all the details of venues and timing and how to register for the seminars.