emPOWER a hit at Small Business Expos

Friday, 7 November 2008

This year we took emPOWER on a national tour with the Small Business Expos. The Small Business Expos were held in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington and had a total attendance of over 13,000 business owners and interested parties. All the Expos were very well supported by the business community and the standard of the displays and sites was very high.

Our emPOWER site was well visited and a great deal of interest was shown by those that stopped and talked. The question on most people's lips was “how is emPOWER better than the likes of MYOB?” Essentially, the lower end accounting systems are designed for businesses that have standard, off the shelf accounting requirements. They put you in a functionality box that allows you to perform the basic accounting functions very well, but limit you when you want to start stepping outside that box.

One of the key strengths of emPOWER is its ability to be customised according to the business' workflow processes and data capture requirements. At its heart is a rock solid system based on key accounting principles, but this is surrounded with high level functionality and flexibility that allows it to be closely aligned with your business requirements.

Capturing data and meeting work flow requirements is only part of the attraction of emPOWER. The high level functionality is matched by an array of very flexible reports, and when additional reports are required, the Excel Add-In can be used. Custom Excel reports can be created that interrogate the database on a real time, live basis and present key management information and KPI’s to you in just the format you want; all with the formatting ease of Excel – no specialist programming skills required.

The big talking point that got a lot of interest at the Expos was the fact that emPOWER is designed, built and supported right here in New Zealand. It is not imported from some foreign country and “shoe horned” to fit local accounting practices as with many other packages. It is NZ made since 1981 and we are proud of it.

Obviously emPOWER does not suit every business and for some, the functionality box of the low end accounting systems is more than adequate, but when you want to step outside the box, then it is time to step up to emPOWER!