Digital Signature Platform - Summer 2017 Release

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Secured Signing Press Release

Secured Signing continues to develop its digital signature and workflow platform with their Summer 2017 release, the largest ever package of new capabilities and enhancements, providing customers with an unmatched breadth and depth of capability for online signing.

Responding to engagement with its customers, Secured Signing, the preferred partner for e-Signature solutions, made their Summer 2017 release available to customers, delivering better control for administrators, new tools to include interested parties in the signing process and many enhancements to tailor fit the online signing workflow to business needs.

This release provides customers with more than 100 enhancements to the Secured Signing digital signature and workflow automation platform, all with a common theme of giving the customer finer control of how Secured Signing works for them. Significant new capabilities headline the release including an all new portal to better manage enterprise plans, including reviewers in the signing workflow, the ability to include additional notification and completion recipients in the signing process, configurable reminder schedules, expansion of the public forms library and the addition of an attachments library.

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