finPOWER Connect Depositors Module Released

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Depositors Module

We are pleased to announce the release of the finPOWER Connect Depositors Module.

This has been included with the latest release, Version 2.02.02, and is now available for general use.

There has been a significant amount of development and testing work undertaken for this new module. The release is the culmination of many months work to bring together the best of the features from finPOWER, as well as adding a number of new functions and incorporating it all into the finPOWER Connect platform.

Some of the new features include:

• Having interest paid directly to a loan account

• Use of Rate Tables for Variable Interest Rates and Premium Rates

• Regular contribution amounts including the ability to have these paid by Direct Debit

• Regular withdrawal transactions

The new Depositors module has the benefit of being fully integrated into the finPOWER Connect platform which means there are some inherent new features as well.

These include:

• A fully featured Workflow engine

• Full client information including expanded use of custom data fields

• Improved handling of Broker relationships and payments via disbursement accounts

• Multiple Entities per database

• Updated auditing and control facilities

• Latest technology platform

This is in addition to the expected features of interest calculation and handling, Withholding tax processing and reporting.

For a demonstration of the new finPOWER Connect Depositors Module. Please contact your local Intersoft Reseller