finPOWER Connect 3.04.05 Released

Thursday, 18 August 2022

We are pleased to announce the release of finPOWER Connect version 3.04.05 dated 16 August 2022.

To upgrade to this latest version please contact your authorised Intersoft Reseller or see the Downloads page.

For a full list of all the release notes click here.

Some of the highlights include:

finPOWER Connect

  • NZ MBIE Cloud-base API enhancements
    • During 2022, MBIE is changing their underlying API technology with a new Cloud-based API platform. The old API is scheduled to be decommissioned at the end of February 2023
    • finPOWER Connect 3.4.5 adds functionality to use both the old and new Cloud-based API
      • Note, As the API is not yet complete, NZBN and PPSR functionality is not guaranteed to be error free
    • For more information see the guide located here.
  • Bank Account Number entry
    • Bank Account Number entry does not reformat Account Number and show error dialog
  • CreditSense2 Credit Bureau Service
    • GetApplicationData request may fail
  • New Account wizard
    • Floating Rate Interest Type should not allow Base Rate to be changed
  • Security Statement Item HTML Widget
    • UserData is not saved when adding / editing via the New Account HTML Widget in finPOWER Connect 3.04.04