finPOWER Connect 3.00.05 Released

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

We are pleased to announce the release of finPOWER Connect version 3.00.05.

To upgrade to the latest version please contact your authorised Intersoft Reseller or see the Downloads page.

Some of the highlights are:

  • Quick Search.
    • Various enhancements to improve usability.
  • Client AKAs.
    • Added Date of Birth and PPSR Security flags.
  • Payment Arrangements.
    • Broken Promise Log now allocates Owner to the Account's Manager.
    • New "User Status" field. Note, this must be scripted.
  • External Parties.
    • An External User can now be flagged as an Administrator for the External Party.
  • Credit Bureau.
    • Veda rebranded Equifax. Note, only the Service Name has been updated to reflect this change.
    • NZ Government; "Companies Entity Role Search" product added.
    • NZ Government; "Disqualified Director Search" product added.
    • Centrix; "Get Beneficial Owners" product added.
    • Centrix; "Commercial Credit Report" product updated to latest specification.
  • Workflows.
    • Added "Usage" page.
  • Reporting.
    • Loan Aged Overdue Report; now displays aging percentages.
  • Documents.
    • NZ CCCFA Revolving Credit Loan Contract updated to a "Word Document" file type.
    • Loan Repossession Authority letter updated to a "Word Document" file type.
    • Loan Declaration of Purpose (NZ CCCFA); enhanced to support Electronic Signatures.
  • Page Sets.
    • New option to display the "Add Account Payment Arrangement" wizard.
    • New option to open a form in "Pseudo Modal" mode.
  • Script Editor.
    • Was not displaying anything in dropdowns until the script is edited.

For a full list of all the release notes click here.