finPOWER Connect 1.06.05 Released

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

We are pleased to announce the release of finPOWER Connect version 1.06.05.

To upgrade to this latest version please contact your authorised Intersoft Reseller or see the Downloads page.

Some of the highlights are:

  • Client.
    • Account grid now includes Refinanced from column.
  • Accounts.
    • Revolving Credit Loan Accounts now support Maturity dates.
    • Standard Transactions now support a "Percent of Total Advances" basis.
    • New option to allow entry of Review Date in the New Account wizard.
  • Credit Enquiry.
    • New Australian Veda "VedaScore" products added.
    • Added Cautions to Credit Report if Aliases found.
  • Banking.
    • Closed Accounts now show Bank Match details on Account form, Payments page.
    • New "BPAY MOD97V5000" banking check digit method added.
    • New "ABA Standard Exception" file format added for Australia.
    • New export and import formats added for Payment Express.
    • Credit Card masking updated to only display last 4 digits of Card number.
  • Workflows.
    • New option to cancel workflows on declined Refinance Account and move back to original Account.
  • File and Log grids.
    • Now supports dragging and dropping of files from Windows Explorer and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Security Statements.
    • NZ PPSR G2B Search now includes a Results table in the printout.
  • General Ledger Interface.
    • New "Universal" file format added.
  • Reports.
    • Account Exception Report now includes details of "Transactions dated after Account Closed"
  • Scripts.
    • New option to display a progress form and allow user to cancel script processing.

For a full list of all the release notes click here.