finPOWER Newsletter

Monday, 6 August 2012

BlueBay Finance goes live with finPOWER Connect

Our latest finPOWER Connect client has just gone live. Bluebay Finance in Perth WA have just launched their latest and most innovative loan product – Smart Families loans.

Smart Families Loans, according to BlueBay Finance, "are a brand new product, a first for Australia in fact, that allows your parents to help you come up with your deposit for a home...

  • Mum & dad lend you part (or all) of your deposit
  • It’s a formal loan but at half the interest rate of your mortgage
  • Mum & dad’s house is NOT used as security for your home loan
  • You save on mortgage insurance
  • You can still qualify for the First Home Owner Grant and stamp duty concessions (if eligible)"

Smart Families Loans are being run on finPOWER Connect.

Check out the new loan promo here