finPOWER Newsletter 19 April 2011

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

finPOWER Connect Roadshow

Last week saw the finPOWER Connect Roadshow in action with Paul and Scott demonstrating finPOWER Connect to audiences in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch. This week sees Napiers turn. It would be fair to say that the attendees were very impressed with this revolutionary new finance system and the advanced features and functionality it offers.

finPOWER Connect is a leap beyond finPOWER with many new User initiated features, a whole new platform and it is written using the latest development tools. The Roadshow concentrated on delivering an overview of some of the new features for client processing, demonstrating the flexibility of payment arrangements and some of the structural enhancements that have been made. There is so much more of finPOWER Connect left uncovered than what there was time to demonstrate. Clients interested in seeing some of these other features should contact their Dealers.

Another big area that was covered in the Roadshow was the exciting new web developments that finPOWER Connect now offers. The Web Interface is designed with the remote user in mind. This is ideal where you want to offer the ease of access to your database, for example your Dealers or Brokers, giving them the ability to view the data that is relevant to them without offering all the functionality that the full finPOWER Connect does. Currently, it can give your remote users the ability to enquire and review relevant client, account and security item files, add log notes and perform settlement quotes as well as view and action any outstanding tasks.

To view the finPOWER Connect Web Interface click here and logon with Admin / admin for the User / Password details.

The other new web-based application is the Client Connect portal that allows you to grant web access to clients so they can review their account, view transactions, update contact details and send webmail. This is an entirely new advancement for finPOWER Connect and offers an achievable solution when you are looking to expand the range of services offered to your clients.

To view the finPOWER Connect Client Portal click here and logon with C10000 / Password1 for the User / Password details.

We think that the finPOWER Connect Roadshow was a great success. It gave all those that attended an overview of the new system and some insight into where this exciting new product is heading.

However, we would like to hear from you as to what your thoughts on it were and your impressions of finPOWER Connect. Please drop us an email.